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Fingering Charts


Practice Tools

Metronome - Online metronome provides reliable tempo.

Tuner - (Mic required) Shows your intonation; helps you tune.

Music Terminology - Identify performance instructions on your music.

Online Lessons and Resources

  • Chrome Lab - Have fun and experience the physics of music with creative, artistic visuals.




  • MUSIC GAMES - Practice your knowledge of: Theory, History, Instruments, and Notation in a game!


  • Music Reading Tutorial- Learn to read music at your own pace! This site explains how to read music notation.


  • Music Theory Practice - Learn more about how music is written. Numerous lessons that can challenge anyone's knowledge.



  • Rhythm Trainer - Fun way to practice rhythms by listening to a short passage played and then identifying the rhythm - designed as a game.


  • Speed Note Reading - Improve your sight reading. This site is great for all musicians, but designed with keyboard players in mind. **IT WORKS NOW!!!**

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