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President: Donna Spicer

Vice President:  Melissa Long

Treasurer: Ava Brinegar

Secretary: Shana Doby


The Band Boosters have several committees established to help with various needs of the band program.  These committees are an excellent opportunity for parents and members to volunteer their time and get involved in the band program. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please contact the committee chair. Thanks for you willingness to serve our students!

Pit Crew
Committee Chair: Melissa Long
Phone: 336-655-4525 

The pit crew assists the director with construction of any props needed for show performances as well as the loading and unloading, setup and take down of such items at the designated location. The pit crew is responsible for transporting instruments, props, uniforms, and any other equipment necessary for band performances such as water, speakers, percussion equipment, etc.

Committee Chair: 

The hospitality committee is responsible for all food related services for the band. This includes serving meals and snacks for band activities including but not limited to after school rehearsals, band camp, competitions, football games, and banquets as directed by the band director or executive board. The committee is also responsible for the clean-up of such food related activities.

Committee Chair: Donna Spicer
Phone: 336-469-6446

The fundraising committee is responsible for developing, carrying out, and organizing fundraising opportunities for the bands.  The committee is also responsible for soliciting new sponsorship's and maintaining current sponsorship's for the band.

Committee Chair:

Uniform Committee is responsible for the cleaning, organization, and distribution of uniforms. This is very important to our programs as the more we care for our uniforms the longer they last and we want to ensure every student is comfortable and confident when they step out on the field. 

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